Looking Out of State

The unemployment rate is going down but you still can not find work in your state. You search within your state, you interview, you network, you interview and still you have no bites. At this point of the game it can be very frustrating.  You studied companies, wrote thank you letters, followed up and then you either hear they found someone else or you hear nothing. You weighed all your options and know that you can not live like this any longer so now you decide to look elsewhere… as in out-of-state.

There are many benefits of looking out-of-state, a change of scenery, a new challenge, a better job with more pay but make sure you weigh all your options before you make the plunge. Life is a bit of a gamble and you want to make sure you are secure at the end of the day. Make sure you write the pros and cons of leaving and understand the difference of cost of living. If you weigh your options and plan ahead of time then you can make an exciting life for yourself!

Best of luck!


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Unemployment dips to 8.9 pct., 192K jobs added

This  article is from the link below:


WASHINGTON – Employers hired in February at the fastest pace in almost a year and the unemployment rate fell to 8.9 percent — a nearly two-year low.

The economy added 192,000 jobs last month, with factories, professional and business services, education and health care among those expanding employment. Retailers, however, trimmed jobs. State and local governments, wrestling with budget shortfalls, slashed 30,000 jobs, the most since November. Federal government hiring was flat.

Private employers added 222,000 jobs last month, the most since April. That shows that companies are feeling more confident in the economy and about their own financial prospects. And it bolstered hopes that businesses will shift into a more aggressively hiring mode and boost the economic recovery.

The unemployment rate is now at the lowest point since April 2009. It has been falling for three months, down from 9.8 percent in November, marking the sharpest three-month decline since 1983.

“These number can be sustained and built on,” economist Joel Naroff at Naroff Economic Advisors. “The economy is recovering, there is no question about it. Businesses are finally taking some of those profits they are earning and putting them back into the work force.”

The number of unemployed people dipped to 13.7 million, still almost double since before the recession.

When factoring in the number of part-time workers who would rather be working full time and those who have given up looking for work, the percentage of “underemployed” people dropped to 15.9 percent in February. That’s the lowest in nearly two years.

The positive news on the hiring front comes as the larger economy is gaining momentum.

Americans shoppers are spending more. U.S. exporters are selling more abroad. Manufacturing is growing at the fastest pace in nearly seven years. And the service sector, which employs about 90 percent of the work force, is expanding at the fastest clip in more than five years.

The 192,000 jobs added in February was a significant improvement from the 63,000 notched in January. Some of the boost came as people resumed work, after dropping off payrolls because of bad weather in January. Still, the gains were widespread.

Factories added 33,000 jobs. Education and health care added 40,000 positions. Professional and businesses services added 47,000. Leisure and hospitality added 21,000 jobs. Construction companies, 33,000 jobs — although a good chunk of those reflected people coming back on payrolls after January’s harsh winter weather; Transportation and warehousing added 22,000 jobs.

The number of “long-term” unemployed, people out of work six months or more, sank to 5.99 million, a decline of 217,000 from January.

Workers’ paychecks were mostly flat. Average hourly earning rose to $22.87 in February, up only one cent from January. Workers have little bargaining power to demand big pay raises because the weak jobs market.

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Saving Money

As an unemployed person  you are faced with the new reality of juggling expenses. As time goes on you see those expenses exceed your lack of income then you are faced with having to cut back.  You are more than likely going to see what you can cut and try not to touch your savings (which I would suggest). You have to really think what you can and can not live with.  It is a hard decision to cut into your “new reality”. Know that you are not alone. Everyone has to cut corners and make it work.  Stop living beyond your means and be in control on your financial life. The more you are in control, the more you can weather the storm of the unemployment life. It will get better soon!


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Staying Busy

In spite of the economic downturn it is important to stay busy throughout your unemployment period. Staying busy includes things like taking temporary positions, reading up on your industry, getting a new hobby (etc.) whatever would help stimulate your mind in a way that helps you stay motivated and less bitter. You want to try to stay positive throughout this journey. It is a hard one at times but keeping your mind on positive things will help the time go a little smoother.

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Being Thankful: The Holiday Edition

This is a great time to assess your whole year and understand the real reason why you need to be grateful this season (and each day). This may be your toughest economic year or maybe your second toughest but look up beyond that and see that you have your health, and a drive within to keep on fighting and to keep on pushing. Know that your best times were not behind you but rather right in front of you. You will be able to really pinpoint what you are grateful for by allowing the process to occur. Allow yourself the room to be happy. Squash all the nay sayers and all the haters. Don’t worry be happy and have a great holiday season!


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Reassessing Your Circle

It is during these tough times to be around positive people who will lift you up during this season. Being unemployed helps to really pinpoint the people who are in your corner versus the people who rejoice while you are down. Take this time to see who is being sensitive to the situation and who is digging you down a deeper hole. I recently had to let people go out of my circle because they were energy drainers. They always wanted my attention and I could not provide it for them at the time. These signs were apparent before  but got exemplified once I was unemployed. I admit it is a scary process at first but once you are surrounded by the people that you know will lift you up it is all worth it!!

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When the results don’t fit…

When going on job interviews  you get a sense of hope and maybe a sense of being on top of the world but then you get a phone call back or an email rejection letter and you say what gives?? You thought that it would work out but at the end it doesn’t. You wonder what went wrong? Why they didn’t pick me or why they didn’t think I would be an asset? You start to question yourself and your decisions in life to be in the profession you picked. You wonder if you are on the right path. This recession has had a lot of people asking questions. There were times when it was quite easy to get a job. Now it feels near impossible to get noticed. How do you get up each day? How do you stay focused when the results just don’t seem to fit… when you put in the effort but at the end of the day it just seems that it isn’t working out for you in the end… I say that is the time you go to the gym, you go in your prayer closet and/or you talk with friends. This is the time you need to pull up your bootstraps and believe that things are going to be okay. Even if it doesn’t seem like it will be. Stay focused and live in the present. Don’t worry about your future. Keep planning and pray that the results stay encompassed toward your paths to success.


Believe in yourself…no matter what!!

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Learn a New Language

Ever wanted to learn spanish, chinese, or italian? Well take this time to polish that skill. There are plenty of sites where you can learn a new language for FREE. Yes I said Free! And in many colleges if you are 65 or older you can take college courses for free!
I am going to highlight just one of these sites….
The BBC Language site has many different languages that one can delve into to learn the basics of the language. It has different lesson each week and you learn by ear mainly. I tried the italian one and it was a lot of fun. I know a little italian so it was nice to try to tweak on my language skills. Practice enough times and you can become a little more confident and maybe even add this skill to your resume!!
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Keep Moving…Start a Business!

There are many resources for people to start businesses but many people fail to extract this opportunity due to fear, doubt, or lack of resources. Thankfully the gov’t has step by step information to start taking the entrepreneurial steps to ownership!

Where do you start?

SBA.gov is a great website that has resources from starting a business, to getting loans, to getting contracts.

WEDA.gov is a website geared toward women who want to start a business. Several seminars are given (free and fee based) that help people learn more about business in general.

Your local secretary of state website- provides documentation to the types of businesses you want to create (Limited Liability Company, Corporation, S Corp, etc.)

Your local tax commissioner website – helps you if you want to get an EIN (employer identification number) for your business. It is a sort of social security number for your business that can help you provide when you want to take out a loan or fill out a W-9 form (on IRS website).

Free Business Supplies- Business Freebies

The perks of having your own business is all about the taxes baby!! (these may have changed from since I last researched them- but for more information go to irs.gov)

-50% off travel and entertainment

-50% health care cost

-Home office deduction, & depreciation deductions

-Car costs deduction

The list truly does go on…

Please note you must be VERY organized and make sure that you keep all your documentation just in case you get audited.

So really consider if you want to take this leap the possibilites within you is endless!

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Lost your job?? Take care of your health!!

Losing a job can be difficult. Many people suffer depression or overeat, or become stressed. It is important that during these times that you remain focused on your day to day and not your unknown future. Since we are not the author’s of our own domain we have to work with what we have now!

CBS News reports that job stress can nearly Double a women’s health risk…

Link: Women Job Fears

I am sure most of these women are mother’s who need to take care of their family but at the end of the day if you fail to take care of yourself you will be hurting the family in ways that money (the thing you seek so heavily) can’t buy!

Reassess yourself! Reassess the situation. Go to the gym (if you have a membership) or take a walk outside. Be physically productive so that your level of depression decreases. Stay focused and love yourself first…not a job or money but yourself!

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